Our Service Coverage Area

Service AreaWe are always willing to go where called upon but this image shows a visual of the communities that our included in our initial transportation fee. We offer a 40km radius from any of our 5 locations (Arva (London), Exeter, Lucan, Seaforth, and Zurich). Any mileage beyond the included 40km will be charged a rate of $2.50/km (one way travel only).

Memorial Tree

Each year we hold a tree dedication ceremony at Morrison Dam in Exeter. We purchase a tree to be planted in memory of the lives lost from the previous year.

Potential Additional Transportation Fees

$150 - If transport requires more than one person, additional fee charged per person required
$150 - If transport occurs outside Mon-Fri, 9-5 business hours

AftercareOur Complete Aftercare Service

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AftercareEssentials Only

Our Essentials-Only service does not include our full in-person Aftercare. We provide you with the forms required to apply for the CPP Death Benefit along with our C.A.R.E. Guide checklist.

Are you curious what our full Aftercare Service offers...

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